Janice Gossman

For years, Janice Gossman has been exploring ways in which she can use various techniques and materials, two-dimensional and three-dimensional, to create objects and environments in which the ordinary becomes mysterious.

Most of Gossman’s work involves portraiture, since a person as subject matter can bring about a direct and immediate response from the viewer. When we see another person, we usually feel some sort of connection. There is often a degree of uncertainty; the connection is complex and difficult to grasp, though it might be felt in a profound way.

Gossman often deconstructs objects and images, and then reconstructs and combines them into something new. Parts remain recognizable, though they no longer function in their usual ways.

Contrasting humor and familiarity with gloom and the unknown, Gossman aims to connect with whomever views her artwork, while also provoking their curiosity, and leaving them with something unresolved.