Gail Kolflat

Rich textures and a vivid color palette are signature elements of Gail Kolflat’s paintings.  The work ranges from medium sized canvases, to large scale triptychs and multi-panel assemblages.  There is a recurring notion of the artist as an observer and commentator of contemporary society in her pieces, connecting three overlapping themes and series - Snapshots, Transitions, and The Big Impact.  

Born in the midwest, raised in Winnetka Illinois, Gail moved to New York City to study at Parsons School of Design, and work in the fashion industry.  Developing a distinctive style of painting, melding abstract and representational principles, the artist exhibited  frequently, maintaining an active studio practice, and eventually taking a 15 year break from art while raising her two daughters, now adults.  In 2013 an invitation to exhibit in a university gallery sparked a revival in the artist's practice, and since then she has produced a new body of work with refined themes and modified techniques.