Linda Andrei

Linda Andrei is a graduate of  The New York Academy of Art in New York City. Prior to enrolling in the NYAA, she was a private student of Myron Barnestone and Alyssa Monks. Dr. Andrei's first career was in medicine. She is a Board-Certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, and has further sub-specialized in Interventional Cardiology. After a long and satisfying career in Medicine she began serious study  in art and now devotes her time to painting.

Linda Rae Coughlin


Rooted in feminism, Linda Rae Coughlin’s art explores the issues and events that challenge women’s lives.  In her fiber/mixed media pieces, you will usually find female, and/or a word, phrase, or symbol that expresses a feeling about a particular experience; symbolic of her desire for women to always have their own voices. Private diary pages of many anonymous females, these visual vignettes look at genre, strength, obscurity, and social philosophy. Linda Rae’s art pieces are upcycled, using cast off items and discarded clothing.

Tamar Hirschl

“My art aims to link past, present and future. Painting is a filter that keeps out my memories of childhood suffering, opening up new perspectives and viewpoints. I was born into the Holocaust in Zagreb, Croatia.

In the process of creating contemporary works, I found it necessary to depict the plight of many refugees who wish for survival and release from the cruelties inflicted on them. My art serves as a bridge from the world of today to the Holocaust and war of my memories. I wish to speak the uncomfortable truth of refugees who are trapped in a cycle of struggle and the promise of safe refuge abroad.

 It would be easy to cynically call out the bystander status of the artist in world events, but I believe strongly in our power to express solidarity with the suffering of refugees and send an appeal to the world to open its eyes and offer aid.”

Patti Jordan

Patti Jordan

Gail Kolflat

Rich textures and a vivid color palette are signature elements of Gail Kolflat’s paintings.  The work ranges from medium sized canvases, to large scale triptychs and multi-panel assemblages.  There is a recurring notion of the artist as an observer and commentator of contemporary society in her pieces, connecting three overlapping themes and series - Snapshots, Transitions, and Impact Big and small.  

Born in the midwest, raised in Winnetka Illinois, Gail moved east to study at Parsons School of Design, and work in the fashion industry.  Developing a distinctive style of painting, melding abstract and representational principles, the artist exhibited  frequently, maintaining an active studio practice. Taking a 15 year break from art at the turn of the century to raise her daughters, an invitation to exhibit in a local university gallery sparked a revival in the artist's practice. Since then she has produced a new body of work with modified techniques, distinctive use of space and color, and themes of social commentary.  

Ann Patricia Meredith

 For 49 years my creative vision has been and continues to be focused on helping to give a realistic and compassionate face and voice to those, especially women and girls, who have been injured, neglected, persecuted,marginalized, overlooked and therefore underserved. My current body of work is titled THE FORGOTTEN.

Robin Okun

Robin Okun's visual voice reflects curiosity for the colorful stories every body carries.  She paints with acrylic and charcoal to honor women and their capacity to discover comfort and a sense of peace with their bodies and their histories.